Free Floor Plan Transformation Guide

for a successful renovation

Changing the floorplan of your home offers an amazing opportunity to revamp and transform your underused, cramped, or uninviting spaces.

But unless you’re an architect or renovation expert, it can seem near impossible to know where to begin… but it doesn’t have to be.

In fact, transforming your home’s floor plan can be easy if you have the right inspiration and guidance.

That’s why I’m sharing my Floorplan Transformation Case Study, which will allow you to see a floorplan transformation in action and take away the insight that will help you deep dive into your own floor plan.

This step-by-step Floor Plan Case Study will help you:

  • Gain insight into the expert approach to transforming floor plans
  • Keep you laser-focused on how to solve your limitations and challenges
  • Establish what you hope to achieve (aka what’s wrong with your current layout)
  • Identify the opportunities and solutions to create changes
  • Find inspiration with our before and after floor plan images

Are you ready to create a fresh and inspired floor plan?

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Naomi Findlay

“Naomi helps put a lot of things into perspective. You’re really learning the tips of the trade from someone who knows what they’re doing, so you don’t end up making silly mistakes that can end up costing you a fortune.”


Naomi Findlay

“Where to start... Naomi is one of the most genuine people I've ever met. Having worked closely with her professionally, if you're looking for results, then look no further. Naomi's ability to nurture, educate and help her students to grow is first class.”


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Why I created the floor plan guide...

Hi, I'm Dr Naomi Findlay PhD, a nationally renowned expert on making money from property, and I love to create beautiful, healthy and wealthy spaces for you to focus and thrive in. I've been featured on:

  • Designer on Network Ten's "Changing Rooms"
  • Winner of the AusMumpreneur Rising Star Award in 2018
  • Voted Top 5 Home Stylists in the World in the US
  • Featured industry expert on Australia’s largest interior blog
  • Contributing Author/Guest Expert: Your Investment Property Magazine, Smart Property Investment, Sky News for Real Estate, Style Curator, Houzz, Complete Home, Interiors Addicts, Home Beautiful,, The Daily Telegraph, She Knows and Women’s Agenda (to name a few)

Home renovation is my life’s passion, and I’ve helped over 250 homeowners each year transform their homes and rooms into living spaces they love.

In my years of doing so, I’ve seen first-hand how many homeowners “give up” on their dreams or settle for less-than-ideal floor plan because they’re not sure how to get started!

That’s why I’ve focused my expertise on creating this inspirational and analytical step-by-step Floor Plan Transformation Guide, so that anyone who wants to update their floor plan has access to the tools and knowledge to get started.